Indian Spice Sampler


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Turn your kitchen into a tasting lab with our Indian Spice Sampler, zesty & full of color. Sampler set includes nine 1/2 ounce glass vials of our most popular & versatile Indian spices from our shop collection. Glass vials are housed in an attractive & sturdy windowed metal tin.

  • organic cumin
  • organic turmeric
  • organic cardamom
  • Afghan Saffron
  • organic fenugreek
  • organic coriander
  • organic cayenne
  • organic cloves 
  • organic cinnamon

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Customer Reviews

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Ann Faris
Indian Spice Set

The company is professional and extremely polite. Although this is a gift and I have not had the opportunity to try the spices, it arrived beautifully packaged. Unfortunately, due to the slow up in the US Postal system, the package arrived two weeks late. Instead of being able to personally give it to my family on Christmas Day, it is being shipped off again tomorrow. However, this is no fault of the Sullivan Street Tea and Spice Co. as I noticed when it arrived, they posted it with 2 day shipping. I am sure my family will enjoy it.