Sullivan Select Tea Box

Enjoy our Sullivan Select "best in class" Tea Box. Each tea has been meticulously chosen, based on leaf quality, taste & rarity. Each tea type is well represented, allowing for an unparalleled tea drinking experience. Teas are packaged in American made slip cover tins & housed in our signature wooden slide box.

  • Keemun Mao Feng (black): This curly, wiry organic Keemun is often referred to as the “Bordeaux or Burgundy” of tea. An outstanding, aroma rich tea. Some will steep smaller quantities for a bit longer than the recommended 3 minutes to bring out interesting notes of the tea.
  • Bai Hao Silver Needle (white): This Silver Needle is produced in the spring, using only the buds and a few attached leaves, plucked just before they fully open. A refreshing, delicate and rare tea. Subtle in taste, gorgeous in appearance.
  • Japanese Gyokuro (green): One of the most sought after green teas in the world - it is made from single buds that are picked but once a year. In an effort to develop increased chlorophyll, the garden is covered with dark curtains, bamboo or straw shade for about two weeks in early spring. Naturally sweet. Exceptional quality!
  • Ancient Beauty Oolong: This exquisite, silver tipped, large leaf organic oolong has a very distinct flowery note and a subtle, honey-like sweetness. The flavor is more robust than most typical oolongs and the leaves are of spectacular characteristics. Picked early in the spring! 
* Each tin contains approximately 1.25 oz. of tea (8-10 cups per tin).

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