Flowering Tea - Guava

Region: China

With our Guava Glowering Tea you will find the mouth-watering flavor of guava perfectly combines with the grassy notes of Chinese green tea - all with the beautiful pop of color from marigold and amaranth flowers.

This flowering tea is hand-sewn with a delicate marigold and amaranth flower overlaying a ball of guava infused green tea. When steeped in water, it opens to reveal the leaves of green tea like a blooming flower. It is both a delicious and beautiful pot of tea! Share them with a friend as each flowering tea ball is perfect for a 16 oz. pot, and will continue to release its flavor with subsequent infusions.

Ingredients: Green tea, amaranth flower, marigold flower, guava flavoring

Tea Type: Green💚
STEEP: Use 1 flowering tea ball per 16 oz. of water. Allow to bloom for 3-5 minutes @ 
160° Multiple infusions recommended.


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