Tea Of The Month Club

Join the Tea Tour! Get onboard and experience the world of tea, delivered right to your door. At only $14 per month, that's a cuppa day that won't break the bank. No obligations. No commitments. Cancel anytime. Here's what you get

Three mystery teas, delivered to your home each month. That's enough tea for 30-35 cups of pure pleasure. Each tea is carefully selected by the staff at Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company in New York's Greenwich Village.  Choose from three different tea tours to help us guide you on your journey (change your preference at anytime). Here are your options:
      • TEA PURIST - Nothing added, nothing taken away. An amazing assortment of non-flavored teas from our shop's top sellers.  Examples: Irish Breakfast, China Sencha, White Peony, Wu Yi Oolong.
      • FLAVOR IN THE MIX - A tasty variety of non-flavored teas as well as seasonal fruit, spice & floral blends. A surprise at every turn.  Examples: Earl Grey, Cherry Blossom, White Pomegranate, Peach Oolong.
      • THE HERBALIST - Enjoy this caffeine-free affair with our mix of herbs & herbal blends, created to enhance a healthy lifestyle.  Examples: Rooibos, Calming Blend, French Lavender, Stay Well Blend.