Baker's Essentials Spice Box


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Cozy and comforting - nothing is better than fresh baked goods! Our Baker's Essentials Box is everything you need for whipping up delicious and delightful goodies in the kitchen.

We chose five of our most popular ingredients for baking. All of exceptional quality and freshness to elevate your classic cookie or brownie recipe to the next level!

Here is what you get:

Organic Vietnamese Cinnamon Powder: Use anywhere! Oatmeal, cakes, cookies, smoothies, or sprinkled over the top of a foamy latte. Ingredients: organic cassia cinnamon

Organic Dutch Process Cocoa Powder: Use to make your own custom hot chocolate mix, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. Ingredients: organic Dutch process (10-12% cocoa powder, organic cocoa powder of 10-12% fat content and alkali (potassium carbonate)

Fleur De Sel: Sprinkle over chocolates and brownies to add a salty, textured contrast to your favorite treat! Ingredients: sea salt

Organic Nutmeg: A shaving of nutmeg is perfect for adding a warming and mildly sweet note to any recipe! Grate over coffee and eggnog as a topping, or add to cakes, pies, and oatmeal. Ingredients: organic whole nutmeg

Vanilla Sugar: Our hand-mixed organic cane sugar is infused with pure vanilla beans, lending vanilla's creamy sweetness to sugar cookies, cupcakes, and much more! Add to your favorite cup of tea or coffee for a more aromatic impact, sprinkle over cakes and cookies. Ingredients: organic pure cane sugar, Papua New Guinea vanilla beans

Spices are packaged in beautiful, recycled glass spice jars.


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