Cucumber Hydrosol

Crop Year: 2020 

Steam distilled on copper alembic stills from fresh organic cucumber (Cucumis sativus). Wonderful garden-fresh vegetal scent, great for daily skin-softening treatment and revitalization. 

Hydrosol Care

  • Keep in a cool and dark place
  • Refrigeration can help prolong shelf life
  • Best if used within a year of purchase

Hydrosol Uses

  • Facial spritz
  • Use after shower/bath to rehydrate dry skin
  • Spray on sore muscles
  • Spray in the air and inhale
  • Room freshener

These hydrosols are small-batch distilled with FRESH organic plant material, on copper stills, and under constant supervision. These hydrosols are not simply a by-product of essential oils, but rather are created specifically for use as true therapeutic waters.