Tea Tour Sampler 🚥

Take the Tea Tour! Get onboard and experience the world of tea, delivered right to your door. At only $18, that's a cuppa day that won't break the bank. Here is what you get:

Three mystery teas per Tea Tour box. That's enough tea for 30-35 cups of pure sipping pleasure. We even include a map indicating the region where each tea originates.

The Tea Tour is curated by the staff at Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company, ensuring a surprise at every turn. Choose from 3 tea type preferences. Here are your options:

  • TEA PURIST - Nothing added, nothing taken away. An amazing assortment of non-flavored teas from our shop's top sellers.  Examples: Irish Breakfast, China Sencha, White Peony, Wu Yi Oolong.
  • FLAVOR IN THE MIX - A tasty variety of non-flavored teas as well as seasonal fruit, spice & floral blends. A surprise at every turn.  Examples: Earl Grey, Cherry Blossom, White Pomegranate, Peach Oolong.
  • THE HERBALIST - Enjoy this caffeine-free affair with our mix of herbs & herbal blends, created to enhance a healthy lifestyle.  Examples: Rooibos, Calming Blend, French Lavender, Stay Well Blend.