Essential Rub Cooking

Essential Rub Cooking

The new all-organic Sullivan Street Essential Spice Rub box was carefully crafted by a team of in-house spice experts to accommodate all of your grilling needs this summer.

The four custom rub blends are hand packaged in beautiful glass vials and housed in a recycled pulp paper box. Here is what you get:

Beef Rub. A perfect combination of savory, sweet, and spicy. An all-organic blend of sea salt, organic garlic, onion, sugar, nutmeg, garlic, coriander, chili flakes, nu flow, and oregano.

Seafood Rub. A Mediterranean blend of sea salt, organic onions, sugar, paprika, yellow mustard, sage, lemon, coriander, cayenne pepper, parsley, oregano, and nu flow.

Poultry Rub. A terrific mix of sea salt, onion, garlic, sugar, paprika, yellow mustard, rosemary, sage, thyme, basil, cayenne, and nu flow.

Garlic Rub. A savory yet versatile blend of black pepper, garlic, sea salt, herbs, and spices.

Whether you've just reeled in a sea bass in South Florida or felled an elk in Colorado, the multifaceted spice rub box is your ticket to world-class flavor for anything you decide to throw on the grill or fry in the pan.

Last week my friends and I had a barbecue on the roof of my building. Everyone brought something different--meats, fish, veggies, chicken--and the Sullivan Street spice rub box was the seasoning of choice.

At first, my vegetarian friends were confused by the taste of the vegetables--especially the onions, which had absorbed so much flavor that my friends thought they must have been cooked with the meat. But I assured them that the meat and veggies had never touched; the explosive yet nuanced flavor they were enjoying came courtesy of a Sullivan Street custom garlic pepper rub.

The garlic pepper rub works wonders on just about everything, and when used on the grill you might even confuse a celery stick for a beef shank!

One of my friends from college is always experimenting with gamey beef. He loves wild game like duck and bison and wild boar. Whenever we grill, he brings something unusual I’ve never tried before.

On our last barbecue outing, he decided to bring a special cut of bison he bought at a butcher shop in Crown Heights. The smell of the meat was intense, maybe even too gamey, as if it had just been slaughtered. I assured the group that if seasoned correctly the meat would be well-balanced and the gamey-ness wouldn’t overshadow other more subtle flavors.

My friend had purchased the bison that same morning, so we didn’t have time to marinate the meat overnight. But not to worry! We used a big metal bowl to cover the bison in the beef rub, turning the meat over and massaging the spices into it before sticking it on the grill. For even more flavor, I decided to make a little beef rub paste to lather on the bison while it grilled. The savory-sweet blend of garlic, onion, organic sugar, nutmeg, ginger, and coriander tamed the intense flavor of the fresh meat, and it was one of the best meals we'd had in weeks.

I do the same thing when I cook poultry and seafood on the grill. Making a light paste with the rub and brushing it onto the meat is an easy way to enhance flavor. Just remember to rotate the meat!

The Essential Spice Rub box will help you maximize the flavor potential of your meat and vegetables. These expertly hand-crafted seasoning blends bring everything they touch to life, imparting a symphony of bold and sophisticated flavors to dishes as diverse as a bison fillet, a fillet of Mediterranean fish, or a vegetarian kebab. Pick up a box today and enjoy world-class culinary quality without the price tag or time spent in the kitchen!

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