Is Tea More Romantic Than Wine?

Is Tea More Romantic Than Wine?

Is tea more romantic than wine? 

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching there will be plenty of last minute errand runs for gifts, chocolate, and the stressful panic calls to every restaurant in the area just hoping there's a table left for you and your sweetheart (and let's hope if there is you're not stuck with outdoor seating). But if you're someone who enjoys simple nights in to enjoy the company of your loved ones in private, then I have a few creative suggestions to make the night extra special and, most importantly, delicious!

I know it seems pretty customary to enjoy a nice bottle of wine on Valentine's Day, but let's be honest...for some of us, alcohol tends to kill any chance of romance later on in the night and isn't that what we most look forward to?

What if I told you there was a way to put you and your partner even more in the mood without alcohol or anything over the counter? Enter tea!

Believe it or not, there are some teas that are considered natural aphrodisiacs. Most of this is attributed to these particular teas helping with blood circulation and lowering cortisol levels. Damiana is the first herb that comes to mind. This super-herb has been used since ancient times as an aphrodisiac specifically for women. Damiana in tea is my preferred method of taking this herb and has even helped me with headaches.

Hibiscus flowers are another good option and very popular in herbal tea blends. Coupled with being a diuretic, hibiscus can also help boost hormones (especially in men) as a much healthier alternative to buying anything from the drugstore.

Realistically, any herb or flower that helps reduce tension and stress can be a considerable help when it comes to a romantic night with your partner. When your cortisol levels are high, anything hot and heavy is a no go. If you have any issues with stress, try drinking rose tea mixed with some Holy Basil leaf. Both are natural stress reducers and will make sure you are as relaxed as can be. Not to mention, rose is also considered a natural aphrodisiac! 

Now, for those of you who simply cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day without at least one fun cocktail (I’m totally with you on this one), I have the perfect drink recipes that most certainly include some of the above mentioned teas. These are sure to taste delicious and set the mood for a lovely night with your partner or friends. 

Let romance blossom with my herby Blushing Peach cocktail. Ingredients are as follows: 

2oz of vodka 

1oz of Winter Rose tea, steeped and cooled 

1oz of rose syrup 

Shake up all the ingredients, pour into your favorite martini glass, and enjoy! 

The next cocktail recipe I have uses a hibiscus cordial, but you can just as easily get away with making a hibiscus simple syrup. Both are sweet and delectable. My Hibiscus Spritzer is sure to be a refreshing choice whether you’re spending the day with a significant other or your friends! 

2oz of tequila blanco 

1 1/2oz of hibiscus cordial (1oz of hibiscus simple syrup if you don’t want to make the cordial *1/2 strongly steeped hot hibiscus + 1/2 granulated sugar) 

1oz of lime juice 

Top with your choice of flavored seltzer—I used a raspberry lime flavored one 

You can put all of this directly into your preferred glass; just be sure to stir it well. 

All of the teas and herbs I’ve mentioned are available on our website and in Greenwich Village store. Whether you’re going for a dry Valentine’s or not, these teas and cocktails are sure to make the night extra fun and, most importantly, extra romantic. 

So what do you think? Is tea more romantic than wine? 




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