Rainy Days And Earl Greys

Rainy Days And Earl Greys

It's a chilly, misty, rain-soaked day on Sullivan Street, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to discuss the English tea standard, Earl Grey. More specifically, how easy it is to turn a traditional cup into a custom blend. 

Our organic Earl Grey (Chinese Keemun black tea blended with oil of bergamot) is always a bestseller at the shop. Several of our Earl Grey customers enjoy putting their own unique spin on this bergamot classic by mixing it with other teas and herbs.

Custom blending is a great way to discover new tastes and to challenge the tea drinking status-quo. Pictured below are some of our shops popular mixers - Rose, Lavender, and Lapsang Souchong.

When preparing your Earl Grey, try blending in a few lavender flowers or rose buds. Either will add a slight floral note to the otherwise citrusy/lemony flavor of the bergamot. Another option could be mixing in some Lapsang Souchong (Chinese black tea smoked over pinewood), which will give your Earl Grey a distinct hint of smoke! Perhaps a ratio of 8:1 Earl Grey to Lapsang Souchong or 4:1 Earl Grey to Lapsang Souchong for a smokier flavor.

Sweetening Earl Grey with sugar or honey can further your mission of creating the perfect "comfort cup." Also, the English tend to squeeze in fresh lemon, while Americans prefer a splash of milk. Either way, put your own play on the Earl Grey.

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