Flavors Of Italy


We have assembled a gorgeous collection of unique and rare spices perfect for classic Italian cooking. A small pinch goes a long way to add a bright burst of flavor to any meal, particularly meat and roasted vegetables. Mangia Tutti! Everybody eat!

Here is what you get:

  • Bruschetta Seasoning: An aromatic blend of bruschetta spices, ideal for adding depth to your favorite pasta or tomato sauce.
    Ingredients: organic garlic, organic oregano, organic basil, Calabrian hot chili flakes, organic parsley, sea salt
  • Wild Porcini Salt: Sprinkle delicately on your favorite dishes for the bold umami kick of a savory porcini mushroom.
    Ingredients: sea salt and dried ground porcini mushrooms
  • Calabrian Pepper Flakes: Also known as peperoncino, this pepper is fruitier and spicier than your typical red chili. An excellent way to add heat to meat or pasta.
  • Fennel Pollen: Collected from wild fennel flowers, a tiny sprinkle will take your Italian cooking to new heights with a wonderfully floral and sweet accent. Lightly coat pork or chicken prior to roasting or dust across pasta as a finishing touch.

Spices are packaged in easy to disperse glass vials and housed in a recycled pulp paper box.  Each vial contains approximately 1.25 oz. of spices. Alla vita!

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