Saffron from Afganistan

February 26, 2014

Afghan Saffron

*TIP Remember to steep your saffron threads in boiling water / broth for a couple of hours before adding to your dish (3 times the liquid volume per thread). This will expand the size of the saffron threads and release the full flavor of the saffron and really allow the aroma to penetrate into the dish.

From paella to risotto to fish or sausage stews, properly prepared saffron will take your meal to a new level (side dishes, such as scalloped potatoes are amazing when prepared with saffron). Our customers love our Afghan saffron. In my humble opinion, the coloring strength & aroma are unmatched (sorry Spain). Remember “substituting” saffron for another spice, such as paprika is simply impossible, due to the unique flavor profile of saffron. If your recipe calls for saffron, use the best you can find and remember, a little goes a long way.

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