Curry In A Hurry…

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Are you looking to liven up your dish? Try making your own curry blend from scratch. It’s easy, inexpensive and will transform any meal from bland to exotic, with a pinch of spice! Here is a great curry blend we put together at Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company. Feel free to adjust the portions as desired:

1 oz turmeric powder
.5 oz yellow mustard seed (ground)
.5 oz cinnamon powder
.5 oz fenugreek powder

.5 oz ginger powder
.5 oz cumin powder
.25 oz cloves (ground)
.25 oz nutmeg (ground)
.25 oz coriander seed (ground)
.25 oz cayenne powder
+fine sea salt (as desired)

Blend together, make sure to grind any whole spices. This amount will give you a net of 4.50 oz worth of curry, enough for several dishes.

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