Himalayan Salt Trays – Nature’s Hot Plate

December 06, 2014


If you don’t consider yourself a ‘grill master,’ don’t let Himalayan salt trays or ‘salt blocks‘ intimidate you. Cooking with these ancient slabs of salt is easier than you might think.

Vegetarians, ‘non-meat-lovers,’ and vegans can have just as much fun getting their ‘salt hot’ as any mustachioed carnivore with a cleaver.

Salt blocks are for everyone; as a spectacle, display piece or cooking utensil. Himalayan salt trays belong in your kitchen because they’re incredibly useful. If you roast vegetables, roll your own sushi, or live on the grill in the summer; salt trays come in handy, and they’ll last too!

The average salt block, if properly cared for should be sturdy for several ‘high-heat’ uses, but could last considerably longer.

How to use it?

  • Place your salt tray in the oven, on the stove top or grill and begin heating as you would a regular cooking vessel or stove-top pan. Once it’s hot, lather it in butter or oil and get started!
  • You can also place your preheated (450 degrees) salt block directly on a trivet on your dining room table and use as a hot plate for cooking thin meats, shrimp & bay scallops (tray should maintain cooking temperature for 15-20 minutes).
  • The Himalayan salt tray can be used to serve cheese, sushi, or impress your friends by serving them a frozen treat on an ice-cold salt block.

How Do I Clean It?

  • Gently run warm water over your tray, scraping off any residue food and immediately pat dry with a towel (no need to use soap as salt is naturally antibacterial). If you’re cooking chicken, give it a more thorough wash.

There are a million ways to use your salt block, be creative!
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