Cumin Seeds Makes A Great Garnish.

Cumin Seeds Makes A Great Garnish.

The peppery pungent flavor of the cumin seed makes an excellent alternative for a zesty garnish on many dishes. Cumin is a crucial seasoning in world cuisine.  Indian curry comes to mind. But there is no limitation when adding whole cumin seeds as a finishing spice. The flavor and crunch provides a unique taste that can contrast nicely with many soups, meats & rice dishes. 

Here is a nice example of cumin seeds as a garnish on a hummus plate (photo compliments of Grounded Coffee House).

Toasting your cumin seeds prior to use can help bring out the flavor and provides a nice roasted crunch to your dish. Simply place whole cumin seeds on a hot frying pan, keep seeds moving until they darken slightly, remove and enjoy.

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