Our Local Honey

If you've stopped into Grounded or the Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company in New York's Greenwich Village, you've probably noticed our wonderful selection of local honey, and maybe even tried a spoonful too!

No need to apologize for the extra honey-dip, gorging on 'golden nectar' is nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, it's so delicious that even we can't resist marinating in Mother Nature's blissful secretion, especially when there's so many flavors to choose from. I finished-off an entire jar in one week, oops!  

Our sticky selection includes a few welcome additions such as: tart cranberry, soft citrus orange blossom, and sweet yet subtle blueberry, all of which go well with tea and coffee. 

From pollination to extraction, our local honey comes from New Jersey, more specifically, The Delaware Valley where cranberry and blueberry bushes bloom in spring and summer, and grapes are crushed into wine during fall.  

The cranberry, orange, and blueberry infusions are balanced and un-aggressive, leaving a mild pleasant aftertaste.

The orange blossom is our first-ever raw Florida honey and is the product of thousands of sweet bee hives, transported across the country to assure that things stay local, and always taste good. Though not technically a local honey, the bee's are transported from Southern New Jersey each fall to do their magic in the warmer climate

Have you ever chewed a honey comb? Natures candy is an amazing treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth. The comb wax, which feels like chewing gum, has the added benefit of helping digestion when swallowed.. 

So many wonderful things come from bees, enjoy! 

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