Mulled Wine Sounds Like A Plan

Mulled Wine Sounds Like A Plan

OK, folks, it’s getting really cold here in the Northeast (like, really really cold❄️), and nothing says “stay warm, cozy, and happy” quite like a piping hot mug of spiced mulled wine. Whether you are craving a soothing nightcap, a romantic fireside cocktail or making plans for a seasonal centerpiece beverage for your next gathering, mulled wine is always a welcome treat. When prepared properly, the smell of this simmering delight will radiate throughout your space, tantalize your senses, and bring holiday joy to one and all.

Here are two easy to follow recipes, using a traditional Organic Mulling Spice Blend from Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company. This blend consists of organic orange peel, organic cinnamon pieces, organic whole cloves, and organic allspice. Feel free to get creative with your own blend (ginger root and star of anise also taste great in mulling spice blends).

Mulled Wine Recipe (approximately 5 servings per 750 ml bottle)🍷

  • One bottle (750 ml) of inexpensive red wine
  • ¼ cup of brandy (optional, but Mmmmmm)
  • ¼ cup of honey or sugar (optional)
  • (2) tablespoons of mulling spices
  • (1) culinary cotton bag or cheese cloth
  • (1) sliced orange (optional)

Pour wine into a large saucepan or slow cooker. Turn on low heat. Add brandy. After 5 minutes, add honey or sugar (adjust amount for sweetness) & submerge culinary bag with 2 tablespoons of mulling spices. Let heat for 15-20 minutes, just under boiling. Stir occasionally. Remove culinary bag & pour into mugs. Add a thin slice of orange to each serving.

Mulled Cider Recipe (approximately 16 8 oz. servings per gallon) 🍎

  • (1) gallon of fresh cider
  • (1) sliced lemon (optional)
  • (4) tablespoons of mulling spices
  • (1) culinary cotton bag or cheese cloth

Using a six-quart saucepan, add cider, sliced lemon, and culinary bag with (4) tablespoons of mulling spices. Heat on high until boiling. Reduce heat to low, cover pan and let simmer for 30-45 minutes. Remove lemon slices & culinary bag before serving.


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