The Front Porch Guide To Iced Tea Brewing

The Front Porch Guide To Iced Tea Brewing

Iced tea season is in full-swing and we thought it would be fitting to discuss some of our favorite methods for brewing up the perfect pitcher of refreshing summertime iced tea. Here are three options to choose from. 

  1. The Classic. Brew hot and then let cool and store in the fridge.

In this simple and reliable method you can brew it like you would your regular hot cuppa. Steep for the recommended time, based on tea type (follow chart below). Typically, use 1 generous tsp. of tea per 8 oz. cup of water. Once steeped, just let it cool enough to be handled to store in the fridge. Keep refrigerated  for a minimum of 2 hours to fully chill. 


  1. Cold Brew. This method is pretty nice for its "set it and forget it" approach.

Steep 1-2 generous tsp. of loose tea per 8 oz. cup of cold water in a pitcher (we recommend to use a cotton or paper tea filter). Cover pitcher and store in the fridge overnight (steep for at least 10 hours for best results).

The good thing about cold brew is that much of the bitter tasting tannins, which are chemical compounds found naturally in tea are not steeped out of the tea leaves when using cold water. Thus, no bitterness! You will have a full-bodied, great tasting iced tea. 


  1. Flash Chill. The method we use for quick on-demand ice tea.

This is the method that we use in our shop to have cold and strong iced tea at the ready, without waiting for it to cool or the potential to water down hot tea with ice. This method is very similar to the first -- just use 1 generous tsp. of tea per 8 oz. cup of water that you intend to brew. For example, if your pitcher holds 4 cups of water, use 4 generous tsp. of tea.


Now, where Flash Chill differs from The Classic method is that you would only add 2 cups of freshly boiled water to a 4 cup pitcher to create a concentrated batch. Again, steep for the recommended time and temperature, based on the tea type (follow chart below).


Once infused, add ice to the pitcher until full, which altogether with the hot water should yield the 4 cups your pitcher holds. The ice will melt causing the tea to immediately cool and bring it back to its normal concentration. Using this method the ice flash cools your tea but does not dilute the tea as the proper amount of tea was used for the resulting amount of water.




🖤 Black            3 Minutes                 208°
Green           2 Minutes                170°
❤️ Herbal          5 Minutes                 208°
Oolong         3 Minutes                 190°
Pu-Erh          90 Seconds             180°
🤍 White            3 Minutes                180°

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