Wild Porcini Salt


By Noah Rinsky

In the kitchen, on the grill, or at the movies, our wild porcini salt can be sprinkled on just about anything: hot grilled salmon, soups, bisques, and white pastas.

Wild porcini salt is made by infusing dried porcini with premium sea salt, and can enhance a wide variety of foods. A little goes a long way—especially when you consider how aromatic porcini salt can be.

Depending on the crop, weather, and background of the porcini mushroom, a splash of salt can flavor an entire dish. Or, if you want to use it as an hors d’oeuvre, try mixing the infused salt with olive oil or butter to make a delicious bread dipper.

For a creamy wild mushroom sauce combine the salt with grated parmesan cheese, cream, truffle, garlic and olive oil. If the porcini flavor seems overpowered, simply finish with the salt instead of cooking with it.

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