Fired Up & Ready To Grill!

Fired Up & Ready To Grill!

Calling all grillmasters -- barbeque season is upon us!👩🏽‍🍳

With the right spices, herbs, and rub blends you can take your summer grilling to the next level.

Grab your tongs, flip those burgers, our mouths are watering already!

Whether your grill is under a shady tree in your backyard or on a stovetop in your apartment, we all seek fresh and light fare for the summer months. To prep for your next grilling session, stock up on new and interesting spices and rubs to bring exciting fresh flavors to your next BBQ.

With our BBQ Box, we have assembled four of our favorites in one recycled paper pulp box, curated with your entire BBQ spread in mind.

Fleur De Sel is an excellent finishing salt for summer salads and roasted vegetables, as its moisture content and granule size lends the perfect texture and touch of salt to many dishes.

Use Herbs De Provence as a rub for chicken, or sprinkle into your potato salad for a delicate herbal flavor.

Lemon Pepper is a versatile spice blend that has become a staple in our spice racks. Its citrus and pepper flavor makes it a great addition to fish such as salmon. You can also liberally sprinkle it over roasted zucchini and other vegetables to elevate any fresh produce available during the season.

Mesquite Seasoning is another shop favorite this time of year, and its smoky and spicy flavor makes a great marinade or dry rub. Combine this spice blend with olive oil, honey, and some lime juice for spicy and sweet marinade for chicken and let your grill do the rest of the work!

Trapper's Spice Blend A sweet and savory mix of maple sugar, sea salt, and an assortment of aromatic spices. Perfect on grilled salmon!

Speaking of rubs and marinades...

With our Rub Box we have included four unique spice blends that are perfecting for trying out your new skills!

With blends such as Garlic PepperSeafood RubPoultry Rub, and Beef Rub all housed in reusable glass vials, you can switch up the flavors for your choice of protein so your BBQs never get boring.

Not a meat eater? Many of our blends are great on tofu, vegetables, and other meat alternatives. We finally converted some brussel sprout haters to brussel sprout lovers last summer with a combination of Garlic Pepper, a sprinkle of 
Black Truffle Salt, and a good pinch of Aleppo Pepper all tossed together with olive oil and roasted over the grill. The mix of spices with the crispy texture from the grill provided the perfect mouth-watering combination to make grilled brussel sprouts a must-have at our family BBQs.
A quick and easy salt to add to your grilling arsenal, Black Truffle Salt is great on steaks, burgers, and roasted vegetables. A little bit goes a long way to impart the unique earthy flavor of the black truffle.
A delicious and vibrant chili flake, Aleppo Pepper is a great addition to any dish by adding an almost fruity, sun-dried tomato flavor profile with a mild heat.

Now that we are filled up on our grilled favorites, time for something refreshing...

How about a ice-cold cup of Sweet Nectar? With strawberry, peach, orange and a smooth green rooibos as the base, it is a no fuss and caffeine-free alternative to sugary juices. Peach Oolong has the classic iced tea flavor with its dark oolong base, but is softened by hints of peach and apricot, and a sprinkling of marigold flowers. Oolong tea tends to brew a very smooth and easy to enjoy cup, and we find it is a perfect tea to enjoy after a hot day manning the grill.

Check out our iced tea blog for a how-to on different tea brewing methods to cool off this summer!


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