Wild Candy Cap Mushrooms

Region: Oregon, USA  

“Candy Caps” or ” Curry Milkcaps” are highly aromatic mushrooms, which go great in pastries, desserts, pancakes, custards, ice cream & curry dishes. The taste profile varies from maple syrup to fenugreek. Candy caps are best served independently from other mushrooms to fully appreciate their unique taste.

These wild Candy Caps are picked and dried at peak season (late December – February), encapsulating their sweet aromatic flavor.

15 to 1 = It takes 15 pounds of fresh candy caps to equal 1 pound of dried candy caps. That’s a lot of mushrooms.

To Reconstitute: Quick method Soak in 1 cup of warm water per ounce of dried mushrooms for 20 minutes.  Slow method Soak in 1 cup of cool water per ounce of dried mushrooms, refrigerate overnight. When mushrooms are fully reconstituted, strain mushrooms and retain the broth for your recipe. Rinse well and pat dry prior to use.