Coconut Rooibos🥥


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Region: South Africa 
Organic ✅ 

What a perfect combination. The rich, tart flavor of our organic and fair trade South African Rooibos mixed with yummy shreds of organic tropical coconut & natural coconut extract. This tea is naturally caffeine-free and antioxidant-rich. Tastes great with or without milk! 

Tea Type: Herbal❤️ (caffeine free)
Ingredients: organic rooibos, organic coconut shreds, natural coconut extract.

STEEP: 1 generous teaspoon per 8 oz. cup for 3-5 minutes @ 208°

Customer Reviews

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Jakob Messinetti
Balanced and Delicious!

I never had coconut in tea before today but I'm a changed man! Really well balanced blend, the coconut is not overshadowing the delicious rooibos, but it is certainly not absent. Can't wait to try it iced with a bit of coconut milk perhaps.

Gloria D
Smooth and flavorful!

I thank my daughter often for the original gift of Coconut Rooibos. It is one of my favorite Sullivan Street Teas..

Fred Komro
A little bit of NYC in Virginia

Rich and full bodied- enjoying it this winter season!

Michelle Boyd
Coconut Rooibus Tea

Loved this tea with the Vietnamese cinnamon!