Flowering Tea - Lychee


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Region: China

For a delicious and fruity take on the traditional flowering tea, our Lychee Flowering Tea cannot be beat! This flowering tea combines the sweet flavor of lychee with the fragrant and flowery notes of jasmine.

Our Lychee Flowering Tea is hand-sewn with a delicate string of jasmine flowers and a lotus flower enclosed by Chinese green tea infused with lychee. When steeped in water, it opens to reveal the beautiful flowers contained within resulting in both a delicious and beautiful pot of tea! Share them with a friend as each flowering tea ball is perfect for a 16 oz. pot, and will continue to release its flavor with subsequent infusions.

Ingredients: Green tea, jasmine flowers, lotus flower, lychee flavoring

Tea Type: Green💚
STEEP: Use 1 flowering tea ball per 16 oz. of water. Allow to bloom for 3-5 minutes @ 
160° Multiple infusions recommended.