Ginger - Crystallized


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The perfect after-meal snack! Ginger is known for its digestive properties and use as a nausea remedy, and with its crystallized, or candied form, it is a great sweet and spicy treat to soothe any stomach. It is a pantry staple for its use in tea, sweet or savory recipes, and for general snacking.

Use a few pieces to brew up a cup of tea (no sugar required!), or add to chicken or fish dishes to impart the spicy zip of ginger softened by the sweetness of the cane sugar. For baking, mix into batter for some truly special ginger snaps. Having apple pie with some vanilla ice cream? Chop up some of our crystallized ginger and sprinkle over top for an extra layer of flavor. 

A shop favorite!😊


Ingredients:  fresh ginger, cane sugar, citric acid, sulphur dioxide (preservative)