Rose Box


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"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"¬†ūüĆĻ

Introducing our Rose Box, three of our favorite rose blends and two of our blooming teas in one beautiful gift box. Why give flowers when you can give tea?

  • Winter Rose¬†¬†

Tea Type: Black
Ingredients: organic black tea, organic lavender, organic rose petals, organic ginger root, organic dried peach fruit, natural peach flavor. 

The beautiful balance of fragrant flower & sweet fruit makes this the perfect cup for that cold winter afternoon.

  • Roman Provence

Tea Type: Herbal (caffeine free)
Ingredients: organic rooibos, organic rosehips, organic currants, organic elderberries, organic rose petals, organic lavender flowers, and natural fruit flavors.

Escape to the Roman countryside with this succulent, fruity extraction balanced with the subtle floral aroma of lavender. Tastes great hot or iced. 

  • Summer Rose

Tea Type: Herbal (caffeine free)
Ingredients: organic spearmint, organic lemongrass, organic elder berries, organic red rose buds and petals, organic linden flower and petals, organic chamomile, organic raspberry leaf, and organic orange peel.

Enjoy fresh mint and citrus notes, blended harmoniously with bright floral undertones of rose buds, finishing with a subtle berry sweetness. Yes, all of those tastes in one beautiful cup. Great hot or iced.

  • Flowering Tea Double Happiness

Watch as this long leaf green tea, which has been delicately hand-tied with chrysanthemum, amaranth and jasmine flowers unfurls into a beautiful floral display. Use a glass tea pot or small glass bowl for a perfect visual centerpiece.